Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long, Hard and Wet...

Another P-ride in the books. Man, this day has been freakin' long. I'm so glad to NOT be at work and to finally be minutes from falling asleep in a comfy bed. Had a good turnout tonight of eleven brave souls (The Manimal, Pyro, Coletrain, Cliff, Farmer, Gabriel, Hector, Billy, Taylor, F.M. and a mystery dude). We We lost two riders (by choice) due to multiple flats or low tire issues. My lack of ability to keep track of time is starting to show. The P-ride is supposed to be 1.5-2 hours of fun. Lately we've been out for 2.5 hours on average, and tonight was no different.
We clocked in some 20+ miles of solid trail at a good pace. I thought I was dragging-ass the whole night but Pyro claimed we were rolling pretty good. That's all I needed to hear to feel o.k. with the ride. I had to work late, participate in a happy hour and miss dinner, and barely made it home in time to ride. I was going to sum up the ride for me as a total shit circus, as my pre-ride nutrition consisted of three Porters and a Manhattan (on an empty stomach), but all was good in the end.
Speaking of the end...three lights went dead - we were out riding that long. It started raining cats and dogs the last ten minutes of the ride and we had really got soaked, but all was good and we enjoyed the cool down. Damn, If I was'nt half asleep I'd come up with something better to say than yeehaw and right-on...good times.
The rain did in fact kill our typical campfire routine, but we managed to toss back a few cold ones in the Man Cave and talk some trash. The mile of new single track we rode tonight was great, a welcome addition to any epic ride - and we strive for epic. Thanks to Chipotle for sponsoring the ride with some BYGO cards. Wishing I had tossed back a burrito the size of my face before the ride. No solid food prior to a long, hard and wet ride really make you feel like a turd.
Hope to see you next week...Cheers!

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