Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fuelish Motivation...

Another P-ride success story! Things started off tonight with a tight knit crew gearing up as usual, and then a few brave souls slipped off into the Backyard Skills Course for some pre-ride entertainment. Sorry I missed out on that, I do love trying to ride some skinnies!
The Manimal, Nick, Speeding Jesus, Cliff, Billy, Farmer and I turned on the lights and headed out on what I am now dubbing 'The Standard P-Loop'. After many weeks of scouting and riding different trails and variations of each, I believe this weeks loop was in fact the best mix of terrain, rests, hills and kick-you-in-the-vag riding for true P-ride bliss.
The agenda; 'Don't loose anyone' and 'Beer Hill Contest'. The Beer Hill contest happens every ride, however this time we had an award for the best effort on all (4) hills. Per the norm, The Manimal showed some pretty fine attempts. I made it up the short and sweet climb at the lolly-pop hill, and the railroad tie crap-hill. Cliff Was railing some solid attempts and styled at least one of the leg-burners. All-in-all the grand prize was awarded to Farmer, for his successful send of three out of the four, and on the fourth he was out of the hard stuff when he dabbed anyway. Congrats to you Farmer. I hope you and (3) of your pals enjoy your meal at Chipotle, who kindly gave us a handful of free burritos to fuel our endeavors.
The ride itself was great. We all kept a pretty solid pace for all 18 miles of trail. I flatted once, The Manimal helped me plug my tire and we were back up and rolling in no time. He at one point had to stop and deal with a chain that kept popping off, but otherwise a fairly mechanical and crash free ride. Let's back up a second and scratch that crash free part. I think Nick crashed his brains out on at least 2-3 of the rocky creek crossings. I missed seeing those, always a bummer to miss such excitement. Then Billy whacked his foot on a sharp rock which made the last 3 miles uncomfortable, but he didn't whine any. I was pretty much waxed and ready for a beer halfway through the ride but we kept pushing a solid pace, stopping at intersections or major turns for a moment to gather our 7 man crew. Good times for sure. I was also trying to get my fixie log hopping technique dialed-in. There are like *402 log's on this loop, and if you can't ride over a log, you are getting left in the dust (and boy was it dusty!). Somehow major log crashes did not come to fruition, though I was having a helluva time being 100% for the night, not really even close.
Post ride Barley Pops and Campfire is the standard, and some leftover marshmallows and gram crackers care of Jesse from last weeks ride made for a chill ending to the evening's festivities. Special thanks to Ranski for showing up to start the fire and drink beer with us, even though he did not ride. Always a pleasure!
See you all next week, if you dare...

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