Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Riverfront Cyclocross...

Great things have happened in the world of Cyclocross here in the Kansas City Metro Area. The City of Shawnee has allowed construction of a Cyclocross Training Course at the Shawnee Riverfront Park, a park that is otherwise undeveloped - with great views and the feel of being in the middle of nowhere. 
How awesome is it that you cyclocross maniacs can actually train ON a CX course, and not only the road or a trainer? This is a great opportunity for the cycling community and we are totally psyched to make this happen, for YOU.
Course Map - 2012

Riverfront Cyclocross Blog - Click HERE
  • The Course is open during normal posted park hours (daylight - 10 p.m.).
  • See the maps below for directions.
  • DO NOT park on the Levee. 
  • DO NOT park in the fields. 
  • Please use the designated parking area
  • Pack out your trash, there are no ammenites at this park. Help keep the CX course open and the park clean.
  • The course runs CLOCKWISE.
  • Course starts ON the Levee at an orange wooden stake (above the parking area)
  • Group rides and mock training races are allowed, please coordinate events with me at singlespeedpirate @gmail.com
  • DO NOT alter the course.
  • Open rain or shine.
  • Course Length is 2.3 miles.
  • Obstacles - Stairs/Barrier/Steep Descent/Steep Ups n Downs.
  • Course is very fast. 
The course is NEW and NEEDS traffic! Expect a bumpy ride until we get enough tires out there to get a line burnt-in and smoothed. Tell your friends!
Driving Directions from K-7, just South of the Kansas River Bridge
Area Locator Map
More info coming soon. Feel free to email me with questions at singlespeedpirate@gmail.com 
Hope to see you out there training your a$$ off and killing it at all CX races this season. Speacial thanks to the City of Shawnee Park Board for giving us this opportunity. Enjoy!

There have been multiple Goat-Head sightings on the course. These little boogers can cause a flat if you run tubes or tubulars. We recommend running Tubeless tires for the time being while we address the goat-head situation.  The course is still OPEN, so feel free to go and ride. I'll be riding my Mountain Bike for now, with hopes of getting the course burnt-in, smoothed and cleared of the goat heads. Spread the word. Hope to see you out riding, we've worked too hard to get this course going to turn back now. Cheers! 


Chasm said...

so rad! thanks for doing this.

Raineman said...

Sounds sick! Good work...I'm headed back to KC on Friday, got a job and errrrthang! yeah buddy!

Burnsey said...

Awesome news to have you back in KC soon. Looking forward to some good times in the saddle (and swilling booze). See you soon bro!

Iowegian said...

Nice, moving to Lenexa next week, awesome to find this and pumped to ride this course all year