Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boss Cross 2012...

Boss Cross was this past weekend, and I decided to give a go at riding my bike between the tape for 45 minutes in the Singlespeed race. One of many reasons I'm a hater when it comes to CX racing are all of the damn rules. I ride my bike because there are no rules. This USA Cycling crap can suck my balls. Did I say that out loud? Yes I did.
Britton and his tongue, which I believe is where he derives his power
So I'm lined up at the start with Britton, Zeke and about twelve other jerks riding one gear. One of the referees, or whatever you want to call the phuking cycling event police, starts hammering two of the racers because they are missing their bar-end-caps. Really? We can't race because of this? Eat my ass! I almost threw my bike at the overweight jerk. We are here to ride bikes not worry about red tape bullshit. Fortunately Joe Fox saves the day and steals a few end caps from other bikes so we could get this donkey-show rolling.
Coe getting it done
From here the race begins and I am feeling great, hammering it the best I could and enjoying a fun course. I'm not fast, but I was having a great time. There were two sand pits that I was able to ride every lap. There were one set of tall barriers that I believe most folks ran. The dirt and grass were in great shape and it was ripping fast. That was until lap three. Upon rounding a tight turn (in the photo below) I burped my tubeless tire, lost every gram of air and had Stans Sealant spewing all over my face like I was Jenna Jameson
Note the rolling of my front tire
That was the end of my race. My second DNF is five years of racing bikes. I hate cross, but the folks did do a helluva a job with the course and event. For that, Thanks!
Then of course there's this, which is really why cx has potential for pure awesomeness...
And if that angle wasn't enough...

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