Monday, September 17, 2012

Ghost Train...

Coletrain sent me this video from last weeks night ride. This footage is of yours truly riding some pretty tame trail on Coletrains' rigid titanium single speed. I've always been interested in the ride quality of titanium, and I was not disappointed in this custom frame built by Seven Cycles.
The following footage is strange, and might make you second guess what you are actually whitnessing. I'll go ahead and explain it to you. A GoPro camera is mounted to the bike I'm riding and I'm leading the train. The rider you think you see in front of the camera is actually just my shadow. Pretty cool; kinda freaky
The most classic part of this relatively uneventful video is when I pedal strike on a rock and crash Coletrains' bike. Sorry about that buddy, but shite happens. Enjoy.

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