Thursday, September 20, 2012

Powerlines, Faintlines and Redlines...

There is something bittersweet about riding bikes with absolutely no real agenda. Four brave and seemingly tired fellas rolled out from the Pirates Lair for what turned out to be a grueling four hour death march of riding anything and everything seen, or in our case, unseen. We found ourselves at times lost in the woods, roaming around blind on deer trail so faint that only imagination and psyche kept us upright. We survived thrashing by thorn, bushwhacking, giant spiders and more OTB crashes than Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect. We rode obstacles as an excuse to rest, built kickers and tested our air time skills (or lack-there-of). We rode nearly every trail and non-trail we could find that lacked pavement. It was a true feat of endurance and vision that lead us into the cool, yet humid night air. Four hours in the saddle on a school night and we survived. I hope, in fact, that you jerks did tear up some food post ride - as that seemed to be all that kept you rolling to the end of yet another great ride. Cheers.

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