Monday, March 30, 2009


Weekend plans: Drive down to the middle-of-nowhere Arkansas, Stay in a cabin built in the 30's, ride mountain bikes on sweet single track, do some rock climbing on some great sandstone, eat some good food and drink some fine malt beverages.
I guess there was an ice storm down south recently and there were trees down or broken in half, everywhere you looked. Most of the trails were closed due to storm damage, and it just happened to snow on us while we were down. This made the rock too wet to climb and the trails inaccessible. Not to worry! We had plenty of food and thanks to Timbo we got the hook-up on some local beer from the Boulevard Brewery, so we were set! The trip in short was the two of us driving down, eating food, drinking beer, hiking around in the woods and planning Timbos cabin design in Leadville, Colorado. A nice and restful weekend. Now I have to make-up for the two days of feasting and no physical activity somehow to keep up on my training!
Yummy potatoes & cheese surprise!
Local hole-in-the-wall place that served-up some tasty apple pie a-la-mode! Fern Canyon Climbing Area One of the many views from the cabin.
Thick fog on the drive down.

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