Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eye Candy...

Travis takes good care of his friends. I just picked-up my Cross Check from the shop tonight. He finished the build for me since I have no knowledge of road type brake/shifter levers and all that fancy stuff. I guess what I am trying to say is that he did a great job, I could not have done it myself and THANKS!!!
The build is as follows for all of you gear heads;
-Surly Cross Check Frame & Fork (54 cm)
-Stans rims w/Chris King Hubs & Hutchinson Bulldog tubeless tires
-Paul Brakes (neo-retro front, touring/canti rear)
-Paul Crosss Top levers
-Salsa Bell Lap Bar
-Salsa Skewers
-Thomson Post & Stem
-Salsa Clamp
-WTB Saddle
-Crank Bros Pedals
-Chris King Headset
-Full Dura Ace (shifters, crankset, BB, F&R derailers)

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jesse said...

eye candy indeed. that is one sexy bike!