Monday, March 23, 2009

Lost Valley Luau...

After a crazy "vacation week", it was back in the saddle for the Midwest Fat Tire Championship Series first point race of the season, the Lost Valley Luau. Travis, Cameron and I made the haul out to St. Louis on Sunday a.m. for the race. We were all psyched and had a good time during the 3 hour car ride, telling fishing stories, eating treats made by our awesome wives and hoping the rain hitting the windshield was just an illusion. We arrived, registered and readied ourselves for the event. The three of us and Cliff, another KC Local, headed out for a pre-view of the course. It appeared that we were in for a mix of new single-track, dirt / gravel double-track and existing single-track. Basically about a ten mile loop of mixed trail with a 3 mile start to get there. For me, riding the Single speed on double-track is always a nightmare, as I am just spun-out the entire time, but you just gotta push it or you're left in the dust.

Here is Cliff getting it done during the race.

Though I had a great time racing with friends, I have to say this was my first real disappointment for racing this year. Not so much my effort; I gave it a good go. I was just plain frustrated with the organization of the event. First off, they had not posted in any clear manor what the heck the event would consist of, other than a mtn bike race. Second, I asked at registration what the classes were, and they spoke nothing of a single speed class, so I entered with the mass geared group. At the start line I hear "single speeds to the line" and my first frustration of the event began. I rushed to the line and had them change my entry to single speed. Next they seem to have missed my first lap time and then proceeded to tell me I was done after my second lap, when in reality I had made the time cut and could have gone out for a third. This was an utter let down, as this threw me totally out of the running for higher final position. Just an overall bummer for me on paper and mentally. I finished in 8th position.

On a great note, our man Travis got 5th in the Sport class and this was his first mountain bike race ever. Way to go buddy!!!

Cameron took home the gold with a 1st place win in the Expert class, rolling across the line with a solid lead. Surprised? Me neither... Way to go bro!

Back home in KC it's the usual work week grind. I'll be visiting the orthopedic doc to have my knee looked at as well, I am having some killer pain and want to make sure that i can safely race the remainder of the season.

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GenghisKhan said...

Sorry to hear about the disorganization. Stinks to plan, prepare, train and drive three hours to be beat not by a worthy opponent, not by your demons, but by poor organization. Still, sounds like your buddies did well and you'll always have those fishing stories, right?

Good luck next time!