Sunday, March 1, 2009

Powder Hound...

After living in the Midwest forthe vast majority of my life, I'm still bewildered with the weather patterns, or lack there of. Yesterday's SMP ride was fun with the snow being about 3-4" deep, so with that in mind, Travis and I headed to Smithville to join a 'group' for the pre-ride of the Bonbender Race Course. I guess the 8 degree temps and 6" of snow that the north part of the metro area received just plain scared everyone off. Turns out it was just Travis, Chris and me that got to dabble in the drifts, and what a hellish-fun time it was!
Believe it or not, this photo (above) is the really nice stone creek crossing on the lakeside speedway that was built this past fall by the locals. TONS of snow!
I stole this photo from Chris (thanks Chris!). Here is Travis and me towards the end of our ride. We got in about 1 1/2 hours of snow-slogging-good-times.

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