Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Velo +...

There's a new bike shop in town, Velo +. Head on over and talk to Vincent Rodriguez, the shops owner. Grab a cup of java (FREE - made with Vincent's own custom-roasted beans) and chat-it-up about all things cycling. Did I hear you say Mexican Coke? Hell yeah, he has it! 
For those seeking a small-town feel, a destination style bike shop (and soon to be coffee shop) - this is THE place to be. Don't head to Velo + expecting anything corporate or glamorous. The shop is a grassroots, local small shop it it's beginning phases, a work in progress, sporting brands a little off the radar such as Masi, Twin Six, Kona, Linus, Velo Orange, Surly, Haro, Motobecame, All City and others that I cannot pull from my pea-brain memory. 

Vincent also builds custom Fillet Brazed and Lugged steel frames (VBR Bicycles) and is psyched to share the knowledge. 

I want to personally wish Vincent and his crew all the best of luck in bringing this cool concept to life! 

You can click HERE to view the Velo + website. 
The shop is located in Old Town Lenexa, the same parking lot as Jerry's Bait Shack - 13440 Sante Fe Trial Dr.

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