Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fab Five...

After 23 days off the bike, resting a few injuries, I was finally able to attempt a ride on some of the cities best singletrack with the P-ride crew. For some odd reason we all agreed to bring out the meat - the fat bike parade. There were four of us; WhiteMike, Cuntwat, The Silent Killer and Burnsey. 
Flat Numro *36

Our first objective; Wagon trail, which consists of some super technical rock step-ups, boulder ride-overs and requires mad skill to do w/o dabbing. I was marginally successful at said obstacles, but hey, I've been on the couch watching reruns of Gilligan's Island for the past month.
Shit started to go wrong right out of the gates. Between my injuries, the *236% humidity, swarms of blood sucking ticks and general vagitis, at least half us were nothing but whining bitch-ass-bitches. Did I mention our FIVE flats? Yeah, that was a real fun time.
Playing Fat Chicken


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