Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be Careful Bro...

The following is a brief account of last nights solo shenanigans by the man, the mystery - El Blanco Miguel (a.k.a. WhiteMike). 
El Blanco posted this photo on FB in the early evening hours...his new fatty build, shortly after reaching out to the crew with the following text message "Swope Anyone?"
There were zero replies.
A few hours later I received a text with the following photo(s) stating "I think I'm concussed"
Then a ti-raid of group messaging filled with Pulitzer prize winning quotes such as; "Went to Swope by myself and earned a concussion. The downside is, all my teeth are loose and I can't feel my face. The upside is, I get to buy a new helmet", "Jethro and I ride a singlespeed mule to all the Donkey Shows", "Helmet is crushed and I have another stinky pinky on the other hand". 
Classic shiz from the mouth of a "concussed" man if I do say so myself..

Handleballs replied most casually with one of El Blanco's original lines - "Be Careful Bro", which is always stated during rides with El Blanco just prior to the most gnar of catastrophic events. Some of which have been caught on tape.
El Blanco is still alive as of this a.m., thanks to the TLC of one fair maiden. Long Live White Mike!

There is no moral to this story. Go ride. Cheers!

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