Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ninja Skills...

Rode at BuRP last night with a good crew - T-Donn, The Manimal, The Silent Killer, MaxiThad, BillyVanilly and Speeding Jesus. PostalJeff was with us, and then he wasn't. We waited and even backtracked, never finding hint nor hair - only a text minutes later that he'd bailed. WTF!? Fear is a powerful thing kids...

I thought I'd be witnessing Cuntwat crashing his new Jones, but rather, it was I that could not stay rubber-side-down. Had a great time even though I was hurting (knee) and crashing all over the place. Seriously, I was hitting the dirt every 15 minutes or so. I'm pretty sure the air pressure in my fork was low. I went OTB like *36 times, at least. Not a scratch to anything but my ego. I called it a few minutes early to drown my sorrows at the local dive bar whilst surrounding myself with beautiful waitresses' (and the Taco Tuesday crew). 
That new section of trail that is in-the-works - it's a sight to behold. It would appear that the Trail Hermits aren't the only ones in town who can do some sweet rock-work. Seriously great work fellas! 
Beware the bees nested in deadfall on Oxbow, outbound past the yellow gate at the soccer fields!
(please note - *some of the photos used on this blog are found freely on the interweb. I'd give credit if I knew who owned them. If you're looking at your own photo, thanks in advance for the use!)

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