Thursday, July 11, 2013

Midnight Oil...

Last night we resurrected the weekly Pirate Night Ride. I'd been on-the-couch for so damn long nursing injuries that I was in dire need of some saddle time - something to really kick me in-the-balls and rid my belly of the layers of barley I've procured since the DK200.
It was a late-ass start. We headed out after dark on a school night for what ended up being three+ hours of dirt-loving good times. Handleballs, Captain Cuntwat, The Silent Killer and I mounted our steeds and booked-it out to our rogue loop - all things not totally legal (roughly translated as " lets ride the shit out of everything we see").
Miles of smiles, a couple of sidewall punctures (fixed via plugs), more ticks than the Pope has boy-toys and spider webs galore is what we experience in the darkness. trails were ripping fast, dry and dusty. 
We were saturated due to the *300% humidity which Handleballs kept whining about - mainly due to his recent OTB yard-sale as we were in the midst of *45 foot tall, tick infested grass which sent him into a paranoid state for hours. 

Our new "oiled look" must have really impressed the 15 high school girls that we put-on a stunt-show for, as comments like "Birthday Sex Party" rang from their bubble-gum lips. We surmounted the fire-tower for some dry-time in the howling wind, some 100 feet off the ground. Conditions were otherwise comparable to standing in front of a elephant-sized hair-dryer

Back at the Lair, we consumed post-ride, ice-cold barley-pops and did some research on whether-or-not a 3.8" tire would, in fact fit in a Niner carbon fork. The jury is still out...

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