Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Sauce...

My Job is stressing me out. Jobs are nothing but work, even if all you do day-in and day-out is draw pretty pictures of things men build. I have two projects due on Wednesday. I hate Wednesday, if for no other reason than the aforementioned slow and drawn-out mental torture. 
Thank baby Jesus the weather was good enough for me to get and and do some swamp recon for the next Pirate cXc race. Speaking of Pirates and racing, have you thrown-up in your mouth this week?  If not, I recommend you read THIS.
Not only did I get to ride my bike, but I got to clean it - thoroughly. Deer trail in mushy lowland fields = 40 lb fat bike wheels. Theres nothing pretty about that.
A few photos from the weekend...

Selfishly, the best part of my cycling weekend was getting my hands on some new bars; a set I've been drooling over ever since I knew of their existence in the multiverse (Thanks to White Mike - Love ya bro :). A few extra bends in Ti made by the fellas at Black Sheep Bikes out of Fort Collins, CO. These super-sweeps are going to be the key to elbow comfort and pure awesomeness. That and they match my fork, which is of utmost importance in the scheme of things. I mean, that's why I shave my thighs and wear polka dot lycra . 
It's all about her looks, and how she rides.

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Raineman said...

I miss them already!