Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pirate cXc Race Preview...

The weekly Pirate Night Ride is going to take place at Pirate cXc's next race course (Race is THIS SATURDAY) - Black Beard. We will lead whomever shows-up to ride the rogue race course, in the dark, followed by beers @ Tanners. Everyone is welcome to join this ride (if you're racing Saturday or not) however; The course is not beginner friendly - not at all. We will wait for the group, as long as everyone can ride at a moderate pace. The course is a total maze in its current state (not yet marked for the actual race), some of which is hardly burnt-in - this is an adventure ride on rogue 'trail'. The infamous Pirate obstacles will not yet be on course either, so don't get to excited for any sweet jumps or teeters... 
Lights and Helmets REQUIRED. Make sure you come ready for COLD and to repair anything that might break on your bike. We will ride for 1-2 hours. Leave your Strava and GPS devices at home, please. 
Heres the info:

When:   Tuesday, February 19th, roll-out @ 7:00 p.m. 
Where:  Meet @ Tanners - Shawnee Mission Prkwy & K-7 , just West of Price Chopper (22330 West 66th Street, Shawnee, KS 66226) 
What:     Pirate cXc - Black Beard Race Course Pre-ride, Then Beers @ Tanners

Hope to see a train of you jerks out there tonight. This might be your only chance to ride dirt before the snowpocolypse.

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Dan Doss said...

Burnsey (aka Pirate xCx Extroidonaiaire),

Would have loved to join this Pirate Ride as I may have been able to keep up. Unfortunatley, some Ass Group found it necessary to hack our website. I got to spend 15 hrs. at work yesterday, followed by 12 today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.