Monday, February 11, 2013

Filthy Several...

Got to ride the Fat Pearl around the city and climb some steep-ass hills on Saturday. Nothing like throwing-up in your own mouth multiple times in a row to get your weekend started! 
Minnie St.

Faster than a speeding...
Waiting for the Train
29th to Wyandotte
Killing time

Thanks to the Phuggers over at Street Cred KC for putting on a good show. I had family commitments, so I rolled after the first four (of six) hills - Roanoke (cobbles), Mill St., Minnie St., 29th to Wyandotte. The last two are a mystery to me. 
Thanks to ClassicAdam for the bridge images, and Chasm for the others (you sexy beech). 
See you again next week for more pain-N-misery.

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