Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It was indeed a freezing cold Pirate Ride last night. A small crew of motivated folks headed out after swilling booze to pre-ride the Pirate cXc Black Beard race course. We burned a few laps on what turned out to be a super challenging course, even for the best of riders. There are five really difficult climbs that drain your energy and momentum, a ton of single-track, a climb over soft ground dubbed the pain train, a few natural obstacles and plenty of double-track mixed in - just when you need a break (or time to pass). 
Toes and egos slowly succumbed to the twenty-ish degree temps, and after a few slow laps we headed back to the bar, where we sipped fine malty beverages and watched the news broadcasting news of a fire on the Plaza. That fire looked so inviting... especially with all the hype of a winter storm heading our way. I wonder what, if anything [that] will mean for race day (Saturday)? Probably only that we will have true winter conditions for the winter night race. And... the Fat Pearl and I will be putting in some mega snow mileage. All smiles.

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