Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I'm often asked about what I use for fuel when riding. I'm not the poster boy of nutrition by any means, however, I do have a pretty simple staple of goods that I roll with during long rides and/or endurance races that work great for me, give excellent results and zero stomach /cramp issues. I roll the following spread with 100% confidence every time.
I prefer Hammer products. They're the bomb. My typical mixture is this: (2) scoops Perpetuem, (2) scoops HEED in (1) small bottle. This, along with one tall bottle of straight water, will last me 1 to 2 hours of hard riding/race pace. I supplement these (2) bottle with a flask of Hammer Gel, which I pull off of every 15 minutes or so to keep all systems in check. It's pretty basic, no packaging to litter or hassle with. It works (for me). 

On longer rides (2+ hours) I supplement the above with a Powerbar and sometimes Cliff Shot Blocs to get something of substance in my stomach. It's a good idea to try out your nutrition program on your local trail when riding for fun, and not during a big race when it could be the cause of serious issues if it does not work, or your body is not keen on the fuel. 

I have no ties with Hammer, I just like their goods. They work for me. Maybe my method will work for you too. Cheers!

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