Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creeper Stash...

Here's a shout out to Kuat Racks for having a great Creeper Stash Competition a few weeks back. Our man White Mike pulled off the win - by the skin of his pretty-boy teeth. He work his a$$ off and earned every penny of his $600 in pirate booty. 
Last night, to the tune of some oh-so delicious Stone IPA, We pit-crewed the installation of his new hitch and NV rack. We tossed my super-clean ship, the Black Pearl, onto his shiny new rig for a post-build photo. White Mike is super flippin' psyched to be carrying his fancy-pants Ti bikes in style. Now his downtown parking garage is going to be a bit more friendly for quick get-a-ways to the trail. 
Thanks to Kuat for always putting on a good show, giving away goods to the masses and spreading the holiday cheer, be it in the form of booze, giveaways, sponsorships or Facebook Competitions - these guys know how to innovate some sexy goods, ride bikes and just be puggin' cool like Samuel L Jackson, and that's pretty damn cool.

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