Wednesday, December 26, 2012

18 degrees...

Sometimes I have to try really hard to get out the door and ride (when conditions are lacking, along with motivation). Tonight was a perfect example as it was a blistery 18 degrees; the sun had set at least three hours earlier. 

Captain Cuntwat has been preaching the fat bike rEvolution ever since the time of baby Jesus and immaculate conception, as fat bikes appear to have the same origin. I've had his SS Pugs in my possession for a few weeks now, I've drank the whiskey and poisoned my veins with the ridicules amount of fun that can be had on these monster-truck like bikes. It's retarded how different and crazy it is to try and push one of these beasts through the woods. It's also the hardest thing I've done since riding fixed gear mountain bikes (which is what The Manimal was riding on tonight's quest for all things frozen dirt). Pushing the humungo tires through snow, sand or even groomed dirt is no task for girly-men. There is a reason my pants have become two sizes two small in the past two weeks (and I'm not taking about the waist my friend). Another new addiction in-the-works.
Last nights P-ride took us to the shores of the Kansas River, where we plowed miles of deep yet frozen sand and snow covered rogue trail. There were many climbs that eluded me; kicked me in the balls. I'm not sure if it was my lack of gorilla-strength or the tire size/singlespeed combo that was just working me over. I seriously felt like, at times, that I was pulling Santas' sleigh, or maybe something like THIS
Riding sand or snow was a dream. The Surly Nate rubber never lost traction and gave me undying confidence cornering in snow at speed or climbing rocky terrain. The grip was incredible

Captain Cuntwats new Mud Flask was a re-hydration miracle - our water bottles had frozen five minutes into our 2 hour ride and the contents of said flask, along with my thermos full of warm decadence were all that kept us rolling.

Riding Fat Bikes is a real treat, an interesting voyage on the bike, an experience well worth tasting. Yes, I'm building one.

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