Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last nights Pirate ride was changed-up a bit from the normal shenanigans to a deep search of the soul. I challenged myself - not with mere drinking games or a mountain summit; instead I had a goal of riding four different trail systems, after work, on a school night. My plan was to do a lap of everything noteworthy at each of the following trail systems, in this order; Kill Creek, Shawnee Mission Park, BuRP and Swope.
Here is the link-up mappage...
Five o'clock and I'm out the door of my office, driving to Kill Creek. I immediately realize that my evening might not work out as planned, three words; rush hour traffic. To make everything work, I need to be at Kill creek at 5:30 and Shawnee Mission Park at 6:30 in order to ride and then meet my pals at BuRP at 8. 
My Kill Creek Arrival time - 5:45. Hurried, I head out to ride the trails and forget my water. Dumb move to start the evenings ride(s). The trails were fast and I was alone, able to keep a good pace. At 6:25 I'm on my way to SMP, to which I arrive at 6:50 (20 min. behind schedule). Doing a complete lap at SMP is a solid hour+ worth of riding, and that is at race pace. I had no choice and went for it, I couldn't give up this early in the adventure. Five minutes into the trail I hit a line of 30 runners. I guess the local running club was having a group run, thus creating another roadblock for me, which I quickly and in a polite fashion dispatched and traveled on. I was feeling great and riding as hard as I do. The trails were pretty dry and there were several times that I almost ate some major shit in loose dirt off the downhill side.
7:50 and I'm driving to meet my pals at BuRP. It's a solid 30 minute drive so I'm hustling, testing my keen eye for any possible speed traps along the way - driving only as fast as I can see. I make it to the rendezvous point right at 8 only to see that I am the 2nd of seven jorks who are supposed to be there to ride. Coletrain hands me a beer and we chillax and await the rest of the P-ride Posse.
8:30 and our group of 7 are off riding the Wagon Trail; a fine loop of technical rock gardens and implausible step-up climbs that test even the most skilled rider. From there we head over to the East Side, up Highline, Down to Martha Truman and on to Gay Circle. After a brief refuel, we then ride Little Moab, back to Rocky-top, Highline and out BoHoCa
By this time (10:45) I am feeling worked-like-a-minimum-wage-job. Swope is no longer in the cards - After 5ish hours in the saddle I'm ready for a few beers and bed. A failed attempt but a good night of riding was had.
Thanks to the crew; MaxiThad, BillyVanilly, Silent Killer, Coletrain, Taylor and Al for all coming out to play. I had a great time watching everyone attempt the wicked hard rocks and climbs that are the attraction at BuRP. Riding bikes at night with pals and beer is pretty darn fun.


Rasta Rider said...

now do that but ride the whole time. fuck that pussy driving shit

Burnsey said...

Doing [that] ride w/o driving - after work and trying to get home before midnight would be real phuking hard (5pm - midnight). That would give you (1) hour at each trail system, and (1) hour travel time between each. Best of luck, I expect a full report!