Thursday, August 30, 2012

Orbweavers Revenge...

I'm pretty high on our more than stellar ride last night. A plan was made to go adventure riding, and with no less than a few hitches and brain-crashings, we succeeded in our daredevil mission. 
Sh*T load of Webs...
I cannot disclose the location of our pursuits, but I can say that we did, in fact, ride our loyal steeds somewhere in the vicinity of 16 miles on rogue, virgin-to-bikes soil. A loop of mass proportions somewhat equal to nothing I can think of, aside from that time the neighbor kids stole a golf cart and parked it on the railroad tracks...just to see what might happen. For them it was a year in jail, for us a glorious circumnavigation of dirt.
The Posse
Nine hardcore fellas prepared for the unknown as I lead us of into the darkness on what was described as a potential bushwhacking nightmare. Fortunately, the bushwhacking was at a minimum, but the web-whacking was at an all time high. There had to have been a minimum of *1,345 spiderwebs - that were quickly relocated from there home spanning the trail, directly to my face (and sometimes everyone else' face). 
BillyVanilly vs. Earth
 There were *112 logs to bunny-hop, vines to elude and fallen trees to duck under. There was deep sand and deep breathing. There were many a wreck, mostly by Beej, but at least two near death experiences when Maxithad decided to give road head to the nearby railroad tracks and/or when I went OTB and was impaled to the groin with my handlebar. 
The sweet taste of success, followed by the 'I wonder how my flesh might fair to whatever plant matter we lathered-up with  during those epic bushwhacking segments', was bittersweet as we lay flat backed, on the driveway post ride, swilling beer and telling tales of this new gem of a trail system we had just discovered.
There will be many a night rides at this new, rogue loop. There is much work to be done to make it a little bit more user friendly, but for last night; it was a helluva grand adventure. A nice change-up of sorts from the pristine groomers that litter the metro area, to which I am not taking for granted.
 Thanks to the great crew of patient dirt loving maniacs that showed face to brawl the unknown. It sure seems like we are on a winning streak of sorts. May it never die.

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