Thursday, August 9, 2012

Booze Cruise...

Considering the torrential downpour minutes before the weekly Pirate Ride, there was indeed a descent turn out of some good pals ready to ride. Due to the moisture content on most horizontal surfaces, we chose to pursue a few pre-ride rituals, including but not limited to the drinking of the following fine beverage, care of MaxiThad (a.k.a. Mr. Twatstika or Prince Unicorn Tits).
The Manimal was back in town from his two week adventures in the Rockies and Sierras, and all were glad to his man-fur 'back' riding with the crew. Handleballs was once again missing. I hear he's up near the Tetons flying kites or participating in some other simular activity in lieu of riding - since he did this to his bike last weekend.
As for the rest of the crew; Coletrain, Beej, BillyVanilly and yours truly, we were ready to rage some dirt. We headed out to the single track, which ended up being a trough of mud so thick, it reminded me of that one time at band camp that I tried to violate a jar of marshmallow fluff. What a mess. I think we rode about 200 yards before we threw-in the towel and resorted to a hill climbing marathon which lead us in speedy fashion directly to the nearest freshly stocked beer fridge.
Yes, the rain that we desperately needed did in fact screw us out of a three hour adventure ON the bike, but we certainly made the best of it by eating cookie cake, watermelon and drinking the finest barely pop money can buy.
I'm not sure that those of you who did not come out to ride missed anything grand, other than Coletrain crashing the mud and the drinking of finer booze. It was a good relaxing night with friends, just what a Pirate needed on his birthday. Thanks to BillyVanilly for the large box of intoxicants, MaxiThad for the fancy-pants beer, Coletrain for the pimpin' bike accessory and Beeg for just showing-up. Good times and history made. Cheers!

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