Friday, August 3, 2012


BillyVanilly suggested we hit The Howling course for our P-ride this week. Helluva a great idea if I do say so myself. We enjoyed miles of smiles as we rode various terrain en-route to or final destination. Along the way we witnessed a brief display of Maxi doing his best 'I'm high on crystal meth' interpretive dance with none other than the bitch-of-beastiality herself. Some people are just plain stupid in this world and should never cross swords with a pissed off Knome on a Pugsly.
Moving onward The Silent Killer, MaxiThad, BillyVanilly and I traveled Southward, tasting some Darkness and a fair bit of gravel. Much to our surprise, The Howling course was in prime condition, thanks to whatever redneck mother-truckers have been 4-wheeling the phuk outta that place. It was double-track heaven as we negotiated at least 666 miles of new rogue dirt and a natural air conditioner.
One of the grand things about the P-ride nights is that we have no real plan, we're laid back, enjoying 3 hours in the saddle, exploring the unknown and the slightly known yet rarely traveled route to stardom.
From the high-point of Johnson County we witnessed a meteorite plummeting towards the earth. It was a grand site; bright with a long tail and visible for 15-20 seconds. We all agreed that it had to of made impact somewhere. Combine that with the Meaty tires on MaxiThads Pugs, a full moon and a fridge full of beer back at the lair, and you just can't go wrong on a school night.

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