Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Star Spangled Bangers...

Yep, you guessed it. The 24 hour team consisting of Cameron Chambers, Craig Stoeltzing, Travis Donn and Jason Gaikowski kicked some major a$$ at the Granny Gear Productions 24 hours of 9-mile this past weekend in Wisconsin. The local Kansas City a$$ kickers brought home the bacon with not only a big win in the expert men's class, but five of the top twenty lap times where reeled in by Cameron and Craig with Cam bringing in top honors with the fastest overall lap.
I'm pretty psyched that new-to-the-team Travis Donn was able to pull in some great times in his first ever 24 hour race (heck, this is his first racing season ever, so take that home to your momma!). Travis has come a long way under the wing of Cam over the summer months. Way to go bro!
I hope these guys come home to KC feeling loud and proud. If I was more than a man in the shadows, I'd have the mayor and a full parade awaiting the return of our boys with a key to the city and a nice oversized ice cream cake topped with hookers and bourbon.
***Congrats fellas!
Cam's Race report can be found HERE

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