Friday, August 7, 2009

Colorado or BUST...

Tomorrow is my birthday. I was planning to get a bunch of the guys together and do one last big crazy-day out on the trails ride before I leave for Leadville on Tuesday. I’m not totally sure the birthday ride is going to happen because; A) my bike is in about 30 pieces right now B) I did not call any of my bros to reserve the day for a mega-ride due to the aforementioned issue with my bike not being ready and C) it’s supposed to be about a million degrees out with 95% humidity. Maybe I should just go to the pool?
I did however get some great news today via the interweb…my new wheel set should be arriving today via UPS. This is really the last piece of the missing puzzle to get my Rock Lobster back on the trails…which in turn means that I can maybe go on a mega ride tomorrow after all. So to all my loyal fans, lets go ride and celebrate my 18th birthday (yeah, I know I am not really turning 18, but I feel like it and I want to ride my bike like I’m 18 so shove it!) I am thinking of one of the following scenarios; double lap of everything at Landahl, double lap out (white) and back (blue) at Clinton, Double lap at Perry or say 4-5 hours of solid spinning time on the RIM course at Crowder. Any takers?
I am super-F-ing psyched for Leadville. I am 100% sure that I can beat Lance Armstrong. The boys at The Hive have it dialed…just pull up next to Lance and with one glance at my CHUB’s he will be so mesmerized that there will be no way in hell that he can take me, never, no way…
So I head out Tuesday with my bro Timbo for our Colorado adventure. We are staying at our friend Lance’s house in town and will get a tour from him of all the good trails, eats and pubs in town. We will feast, relax and get even more pumped for the race. YAHOO!
This year, for the first time, you can watch the Leadville 100 mountain bike race live, via web cast HERE. How freakin’ cool is that? You’ll be able to see me and the big guns shooting it out all the way to the finish. Red carpet here I come!

Here is a map of the course and an elevation gain/loss map. 102.3 miles and 12,440 feet of elevation gain…can you say a$$ kicker?

I’ll have a full race report when I get back, so stay tuned and check out the web cast on August 15th, live and in full effect!


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