Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Got Game...

After taking almost a week to recover from my knee injuries, I am back in the saddle!
Sunday I met Cameron, Travis, Jesse, Steve and a few others for a good 2 hour ride at Landahl. The trails were in perfect shape and we had a great ride. I was concerned that my knees would really bother me but I was doing great, feeling great and having a great time. I was even able to clear a few rock obstacles that in the past, had kicked my a$$ time and time again. YAHOO!
Monday I just had to ride again. After a week of wondering if I had totally destroyed my knees and now knowing I was good to go, I headed off to the trails. Weather was perfect, trails were perfect, yes! I pushed shuffle on my ipod and headed out, doing the fastest lap at Shawnee Mission Park I have ever done. It was so fast that I cannot even disclose the information at this time...
I am sooooo glad to be back on the bike, having a fun and fairly pain-free time!
Tomorrow I'll be heading up north for the infamous "Spiderfest" ride at Smithville Lake. I am totally looking forward to seeing all of the crazy folks costumed-up for an evening ride in celebration of those darn web-weaving critters! It will be a blast! Hope to see you there!

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