Thursday, July 2, 2009

Generic Update...

I have been far from motivated to write anything of substance lately. The mighty heat-wave and humidity had dampened my ability to move all of my fingers in a matter to type and make any sense of anything. I've been back in the office working since Kelly is off for the summer (oh how I wish I taught school for a living). Between house projects, riding, raising an awesome son, building my new bike, having BBQ's, going to the pool, getting cars repaired (doing some of that on my own); time is a thing I have little to spare for writing. I am also a fan of having some photos to go along with blog entries (that is all I really look at anyway...the photos) so with this post I've added the following of my 'dream machine'.
To recap my cycling history since my last post:
Had a very fun and successful BBQ/Skills trail extravaganza with a ton of my closest bros and chickas over for a long night of shenanigans. We ate tons of great food, drank some fine beverages and played on the backyard bike trail, what a freaking blast! Luke and his wife came up from Springfield to grace us with their presence and meet the KC Posse. Luke is owner of Kuat, who makes the most bad-A$$ bike racks (described in a review on an earlier post). He hooked me up with a team Jersey, which I have proudly been sporting on every local ride I've done since receiving it, mostly because it makes me look sooooo good.
I've made it out for a few great rides at the local hard-man training grounds referred to as 'SWOPE", totally kick-your-a$$ trails that are getting better by the day. Hours of spinning and grinding on those trails with Dave, Travis, Travis, Jesse, Cameron, Scott and the likes of a few others whom I won't mention in case the authorities are reading.
I've also commuted a few days, when temps allow, to work and home - often hitting the Shawnee Mission Park Trails on the way home for some additional mileage and my favorite; dirt.
Taco Tuesday this week was Travis, Garet, Jesse and I shredding 3.5 hours of Landahl. That place is SO freaking perfect for some long rides on perfect single track with every type of condition desired. We had a blast riding the just of the place, including the 'numbers', which have a few great re-routes since I'd been put there last. This was 'THE' best ride of the far!
Tomorrow I leave with my wife and son for 10 days in Colorful Colorado. We plan to do some climbing, hiking, biking, rafting, peak-bagging and of course; relaxing. I will have a full trip report loaded with photos upon our return, so stay tuned!
Long live long rides!

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