Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spin Time...

A quick note on FINALLY getting in some good riding, even though the trails are a mushy mess. Thursday did a fun pavement ride on the 'remodeled' Rock Lobster with Brett for about three hours. The bike felt great, but the temp dropped way down before I got home and I feel the need to invest in some wind briefs!
Second was a ride from my place to Waldo. Pretty long ride, windy as could be, but I finally made it to Jim's house. We then hopped in his truck, headed to Swope and did some climbing for an hour or so, then I had to catch a ride home to make it to my sisters B-day dinner. Yes, I was usual.
The next few weeks are action packed. Arkansas Climbing trip, Smithville Trails Bonebender 6 hour race and the Lawrence River Trails 'God's Country' race. YAHOO!
I also got in some good family time at the First Fridays event in the Crossroads district. For those not aware, this is a monthly art event; walk around town and see the many galleries of art, street performances and people watching. Good times!

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