Thursday, April 16, 2009

China ???

I was pleased when my wife asked if I wanted to go ride bikes on my not-so-normal night, Wednesday. Shoffner had shown interest in getting out, be it dirt, pavement or the back yard mini-trail. In the midst of he and I getting our ride lined out, we received an invite from Sean and Pete to go on a fun and longer urban ride around the city. Shoffner and I left my house at 6:30 to Meet Pete & Sean. We arrived, casually late (typical for me) and headed out for an unknown adventure. We should have known by the light kits and fully loaded camelbacks that S & P were sporting that we'd be in for a long night.
I can't tell you exactly the path in which we followed, but at times my GPS could get no signal, my non-existent headlight would have done hella good and the splash of water under my tires made for an eerie sound as we traveled ever so cautiously through the underground.
As is the norm, Shoffner took at least two good spills that night. One in water so deep he had to get all too close to naked to be safely dry, and even then had to borrow some clothes to keep hypothermia at bay. Eventually even Sean's headlight went black as we trudged on through the night.
It was around 11 p.m. when I was back in my casa, a few sighs of relief fell from my tongue as I limped towards the hot tub. 40 miles down according to the GPS, which was not 'on' for the entire ride. I have to say though, the new Rock Lobster Single Speed build was feeling very comfortable, which is a blessing since I'll be enduring six hours worth of trail on her at this weekends Bonebender race at Smithville. I am praying that the fore casted rain does not happen.Please don't happen!


Ranski said...

Sean, just discovered your has now been added to my Google reader list. So you have a backyard mini-trail...huh. Might have to come check it out.

Peace, Randy

Burnsey said...

YES! Come by anytime Ransky!!! Bring those boys of yours too!