Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Had a great double-dipper of a ride for Dirt Church on Sunday. First I headed over to the LRT for a few morning hot laps with Beej and Carl. Good times and a good fast-a$$ pace. 20 miles at ludacris speed really knocked-my-legs-off. 

Headed straight over to Swope to check out the new trails and busted out another hot lap searching for Speeding Jesus and Cuntwat - to no avail. I had fun rollinga  solo 12 ish miles on pretty much everything I could find. Man the new trails are sick! 

No crashes today, but I did puncture my front tire bad enough that the Stans sealant would not seal the hole. I tossed in a plug and was good-to-go, pit- crew style. Tubeless is the way, if you don't already know that. Lifesaver.
I have a goal of riding these local trails prior to my Kansas Exodus. Here is the tick list and where I'm at. Two weeks and counting (completed are in RED): I need to get-up-on-it. If you care to join me for any of these rides, hit me up!
  • Swope
  • BuRP
  • Landahl
  • Kill Creek
  • SMP
  • SMV
  • Stocksdale
  • Roanoke
  • Clinton
  • Perry
  • LRT

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