Wednesday, May 22, 2013

By The Wind...

This weeks P-ride was a total blast. Most of the crew was laid-up from Stinky-pinky, Knee Injuries, Lyme Disease or pure laziness - but Captain's Cuntwat and Jack Sparrow were present for what would be a night of fat tire bliss.
We chose to ride at one of our alternate locations, full of rogue trail, sandy beaches and hemp plants the size of small trees. We refer to this place simply as the Kaw, a true pirate treasure of non-maintained proportions. Somewhat of a blind bushwhacking adventure to say the least.
It had been some time since I had the Fat Pearl out for a spin. Dry singletrack and racing has had me out-of-the-loop as far as fat tires and slow movement goes, but it was a nice change of pace and a helluva good night of riding. Not too many details I'm willing to lay-out for you folks in words, but rather opting for the following photo-essay, which unfortunately (for the most part) stars Princess Boner. Enjoy!



Orlando Gonzalez said...

How many $$$ did the Pearl take to build?
Why no quick release in back?
Love the glow in the dark touches!
Takes me back to my childhood looking at glow in the dark stuff under the bed!

Burnsey said...

1) It took way to much $ to build. The wheelset was the biggest expense by far.
2) No QR in back because I run my bikes single speed, and the bolt-on style hubs work well for this (they stay-put better in the track style drop-outs on the Surly.
3) yes! Glow-in-the-dark is fun!

Orlando Gonzalez said...

Thanks for the info. BOSSUM RIDE!
You can use that if you want.