Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oh Shit...

I saw it coming, about half-a-second before the barbed-wire ripped through my flesh and retired my new pair of Evil socks. I'd just left the crew doing laps at SMP, headed off on a rogue trail back towards the lair when I rounded a corner and there was it was, a fallen tree. As I attempted to dodge said tree, I lost control (as I was on a steep-ass rocky and rutted-out descent) and went OTB off the down hill side of the trail. As I ejected from my steed, I noted the barbed wire death-trap about 18" off the ground. I did what I could, used all of my Ninja skills, to avoid loosing both legs as I somersaulted into oblivion. The inside of my ankle looks like hamburger. Chicks dig scars. 

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