Saturday, April 6, 2013


Tuesday was a crap day followed by a great night. We'll skip the day part and go directly to the evening where I met The Silent Killer at Swope to rally a lap of the goods, now that the trails have finally dried-out. I arrived about an hour early to do a warm-up lap only to discover I'd forgotten my cycling shorts (yeah, the padded chamois type). Not being shy or persuaded otherwise, I hit the trail.
This would be my first ride on the Kona Raijin with a new Specialized Chisel Carbon fork - fully rigid bike on the rockiest trails in the area (with no a$$ protection). I was in for it. The for performed great - better than the Niner carbon Id had in the past (which was a really sweet fork). Flossed the trail like old times and had a blast doing so.
The Silent Killer arrived five minutes early as is his norm. I slammed a beer and we were off for another lap and had Sarah, Cliff and Justin along with us. Super fun, good friends, awesome time.
The Silent Killer and I left Swope and headed back to the Lair where we'd meet The Manimal, G-Wiz, White Mike and Princess Bonerghost for the evenings Pirate Ride festivities. Pre-ride beers and etc. lead us out into the darkness for a few laps in both directions of last weeks Pirate cXc race course. Dry as a bone and fast rolling goodness, we enjoyed all of the hard climbs, bridges and single-track. We then headed over to SMP for a lap of the mountain bike trail and a quick attempt at the yet-to-be-climbed Maxithad Cutoff, where once yet again we were overcome by multiple failed attempts as we mocked and heckled each other like school kids.
Back at the Lair we swilled booze as provided first-aid to my bleeding taint. Damn! I'm glad I had my chamois for the second half of the night or I might have wound-up with a free sex-change operation, no unlike Princess Bonerghost.
Good times were had by all, thanks for coming out to play in the woods on bikes my friends. 4 hours on the bike. Worked.
I leave you with this fine post-race photo from the very first and controversial Bonebender race at SMV years ago. Hope to see all of you jerks out at Clinton next Sunday for Bonebender 2013. It's gonna be six-hours of pure fun-loving-pain!

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