Monday, April 22, 2013

Smooth Sailing...

Had a great few hours of riding LRT with my boys Handleballs, The Manimal, WhiteMike, The Silent Killer, Double-D and OTC yesterday. We'd made plans before hearing that most of the trail systems in KC had been opened, and some of the locals shit-talk the LRT due to is lack of technical riding - but we were game for having fun no matter what. Shit's been closed for weeks due to rain, and we needed our fix. The Lawrence River Trail is super-awesome, mega-fast and oh-so-smooth. My ass was beat-up from 6 hours at Clinton, so the sandy-goodness of the LRT was just the ticket. We busted out 2.5 hot laps, keeping the crew red-lined and having fun the whole time. I felt like a kid again on all of the jumps and berms that allowed almost zero braking. Double-D didn't crash, not even once. It was a good time, followed by a small feast care of Chipolte.
Last weekend was the Bonebender 3/6. I always race this event as it's one of my favorites. I was not having a good day in the saddle, so I'll leave it at that. I will say Congrats to my man OTC, pictured above. I just built-up a new SS machine for him. We made a deal that IF I had it completed prior to this race, he'd race. I held up my end of the bargain and OTC raced his elbows off in the 3-hr event with pride. Made Props to OTC for proving his manhood that fine day. I call him OTC due to his undying ability to do what you do with months of training Off The Couch. 

Thanks to Ranski for snapping a bunch of sweet race photos too!

I've got a few things on the list as soon as I get my head out-of-my-as to post-up in the next few weeks:
  • Kuat NV & 2-Bike Add-On review
  • A handfull of Race Reports
  • Some Bitchin' photos
  • My Dirty Kanza/Cedar Cross Drop Bar 29er
  • Taddihogg Cycling Hats review
  • SSP & Kona Grassroots Racing
Have a good week jerks! Get some dirt while you still can!

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