Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Flow of Snow...

The Black Pearl after many nights/days of winter riding
Last night the P-ride was cancelled due to many lame excuses including but not limited to my own " I'm feeling tired, no ride tonight". After sending out this message I felt like a total lame-duck. The ten extra pounds of flesh latched onto my midsection from holiday overindulgence looked me in the eye and said to me, " get the phuk out there and ride you pussy-ass-bitch!" - so I went.

Maxithad and PostalJeff were riding fat bikes at the river. I could follow their tracks in the snow and find them doing what they do best, playing in the deep sand and snow on the riverbank. Riding my plastic skinny tire SS, I knew I might have issue riding said terrain, but it was worth a try - if for no other reason than to get my ass out for some grueling fun, grinding one gear in the cold darkness.

As things turned out, the snow/sand was in perfect riding condition. I followed their scent down river for a good mile plus, rendezvoused, then continued in a threesome on to ride more of the same. Once bored with the awesomeness that is fat bike heaven, we entered the woods to find more perfect singletrack. We hunted down the rumored 10+ abandoned buses that were dropped into the riverbank years ago to "control erosion". We conquered insurmountable climbs, err, rather they laughed in our faces. We spun a lap on the cyclocross course for good measure, as it was a perfect illuminated path of untouched snow.

Two plus hours of wicked fun during what was a cancelled ride that happened anyway, yeah! A damn good time for sure. Thanks to MaxiThad and PostalJeff for the motivation, whether they knew it or not - I couldn't resist the temptation to saddle-up in the crisp night air and burn the midnight oil.

Bike Art/Bus Frame (the orange fork is 20' + in the air)
One of many bus skeletons
20' + up the skeleton
MaxiThad and PostalJeff enjoying some snowy riverside doubletrack


scott cotter said...

Looks like a badass time Postaljeff was telling me about his new fatty. I need to join you for one of these crazy times.

Burnsey said...

You my friend have an open invitation...