Monday, January 7, 2013

Sub Thirty...

New Project Teaser image. I hear under 30 lbs is a worthy goal for a fatbike, and I'm all over that noise.
We set Maxithads wheel in place as a test-fit and all things are going as planned. I've been dreaming of Ti for way too long, and this fork drops lbs off the build. Rolling a Ritchey Carbon bar with a good amount of back-sweep, a King headset, Thomson post and stem, Avid Hydro's, glow-in-the-dark Oury's and FSA Carbon cranks w/Salsa ring. 
Wheel-set is in-the-works , going with Surly Limited Edition Rolling Darryl's (purp's) laced to Paul SS hubs, Knard 3.8 rubber . 
Super psyched to get this ride out on the trail/snow/sand/non-trail. Fatbikes are way too much fun, really. More so than your 21st barfday

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