Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hate and Spite......

Happy Phuggin' New years to all, and to all Hate and Spite (stolen from our beloved THADictionary). 

G-wizzard was blowing up my phone with hate messages, calling every cyclist in the metro gay for bailing on the snowy New Years Day ride. I got my spine back, rallied The Silent Killer and we met Wilson and G-wiz out at Swope for some good riding. The snow was perfect; not too slick, not too wet, not too dry - just good. We pushed out a good lap at conversation pace with minimal carnage. G provided post ride beverages which warmed the soul. We talked shit as usual, then parted ways.
The Man, The Myth, The Legend - Dave Wilson, sub nine hours on SS at the Leadville 100
G-wiz hitting a drop known as Faceplant
I'm still off the caffeine so my writing skills are pretty lacking, along and my memory (and riding ability). I might blame it on the New Years celebration at the Lair, where we hot-tubed and torched wedding dresses in the bond-fire till the wee hours of January 1st. A sight to behold, no doubt. Have a great 2013 folks, you deserve it. 
A friends wedding dress - post divorce. Yeah, she's bitter 
Burn that dress - Burn off the old year

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