Monday, October 22, 2012

Wyco's Revenge...

Another Saturday night down the tubes in style with the Wyco's Revenge Endurance MTB race at Wyandotte County Lake Park. I can't think of a better time on a bike that didn't include mass quantities of Irish whiskey and cheerleaders. Dirt Dobber & Sons Racing really kicked off the end of the MTB season with a great time. The course, which was an eight mile loop of mostly single track, was in no way a weenie roast. There was a ton of climbing to be had, as well as super fun, death defying downhills narrowly bench cut into steep, leaf covered hillsides. 
Per Dirt Dobber norms, we started the race on foot, running in circles until we stumbled haphazardly like druken gnomes to our bikes. Then we were off on what seemed like a half mile of gravel before we were dumped into the singletrack. Once on the singletrack it was a man-train of sorts rolling not-so-fast up the initial climb. Unfortunately for me running one gear, the granny's in front made the 32x18 I was pushing feel TALL. Hard is a good thing don't get any stronger pushing a pussy gear.
It was very difficult to pass on the course (other than on the gravel and at few road crossings). The singletrack was narrow and there were a lot of trees. The terrain was steep with was minimal area at one side of the trail to actually fit two bikes. At times I'd just grind behind someone for what seemed like an eternity before there was an opportunity to pass, but pass I did. 
The Lady Silent Killer
The first two laps were in the daylight, the second two were at night, in the pitch black darkness  The course was well marked - even low branches or narrow passages had reflectors giving you a subtle 'beware'. We did four (8) mile laps for a total of 32 miles and 2,240' of kick a$$ climbing. The trail felt so good and flowed like a pump track. It took me back to the days of old - as a kid on a BMX bike - big shit eating grin.
My pals Coletrain and The Silent Killer were there racing too, somewhere ahead of me in the dark. I knew they would have a good chance at the podium, since T-Donn and G-Wiz were no where to be found. Sure enough, post race, there they were - Coletrain with a 3rd place overall (riding his rigid single speed with a wrecked knee) and The Silent Killer close behind in 4th (also riding one gear). I'm sure there is nothing other than the Pirate Night Rides that keep a fella in that good of conditiontruly. I succeeded in my usual race goal of 'Finish, Not Last' with 16th place. Not bad for a cave man who can hardly get out and ride (like I want anyway).
Coletrain on the Podium
Thanks again the the Lockes' for promoting such a cool event at a park that allows open containers and campfires. I'll be back next year for seconds. Delicious!
The Black Pearl

My Ragged-out rear tire. Donations please?


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