Monday, October 15, 2012

Cross Out Cancer...

When my pals put on an event, I support it; even if I hate racing CX. I mostly hate it because I suck at it, admittedly. 
This was a great event, and the course was brutal with soft soil making every pedal stroke seem like you were pushing into a vat of honey. I had a good first 1/4 mile of the race, then I settled into my groove of just trying to finish.
Sprinting for 50 minutes is far from my idea of a good time. I held on to nobody's wheel and just suffered through until the lead group, including Joe, Britton and The Silent Killer, passed me on the final lap. I'm that awesome at cross. The one gear I was pushing felt way to tall, though it was way smaller than the fast guys. My legs were toast, my back hurt, and I had a dick cramp. The good; my wife and kids were heckling and cheering me on; and laughing when I ate shit post barriers when MaxiThad gave me a fake beer hand-up. A$$hole!

I did succeed in my typical race goal - to "Finish, Not Last". 

Coe made an impressive comeback after crashing on his first lap, very freaking impressive. The guy is unstoppable. Travis was leading the group on the last lap, when at the fianl barriers he broke his seat, crashed I think, and got passed by (3) only to take home 4th. 

Results are HERE

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DanDoss said...

What you may lack in speed you certainly make up for in your wittiness... and in your ability to save the people who are in oxygen deprivation.