Monday, October 8, 2012

Red is the new black...

Saturday I went out the the Riverfront CX course to help burn-in the line and get some cardio on my drop-bar 29er. After a few laps, Chasm shows up with his mountain bike and we do another. That place has some mega-potential and I'm not sure why YOU have not been down there tearing it up. I know T-Donn has been training down there, so it must be the catalyst for pure awesomeness
Sunday I had a minimal amount of time to mount-up and do a short ride. I hit SMP for a lap and enjoyed every painful moment of it. The dryness of the year has taken it's toll on nearly every trail within 100 miles; rocks are getting more and more exposed and less and less held-in-place. Lines are changing and things are generally loose and getting washed-out.  However, these are some great trails over at SMP. If you don't ride there because you think otherwise, you're a pussy. Go get some. You'll get your a$$ handed to you.
And speaking of pussies. My Niner has a creaking noise that makes chalkboard scratching sound beautiful. I've farted around with nearly every component on the Black Pearl and I've yet to find the cause. I really need the help of Macgyver on this one, please...before I go postal.

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