Monday, March 5, 2012

New Dirt...

It's pretty amazing what can be accomplished when a small group of friends get together to create a new place to ride bikes. With local trail conditions being in flux, I've been spearheading an operative to find and develop a small network of rainy-day rogue trail systems. The great thing about these trails is that  they are just begging to be ridden when you are bored of everything else, when the weather sucks and the real MTB trails are closed; or when you just want to escape the local scene and be alone in the woods.
Sunday was a great day to develop a fun loop near the Pirates Lair for such future activities as underground racing, night rides and shenanigans. CORE-bin, Farmer, The Manimal, Ranski, Justin, Beej, Billy and I rendezvoused with tools ready for a half-day of trail building followed by a few victory laps to enjoy the fruits of our labor. What was once a low lying partially wooded grassland dotted with deer trail and beaver dams now hosts a fun loop of glorious mountain bike sweetness. I want to thank my pals for showing up and helping sling dirt and grass for 5 hours to make this happen. We really kicked some major trail building ass. For those who are racing the last Pirate cXc race, you can thank them yourselves in person on Saturday night, when all things Pirate go down in the dark.
Here we have CORE-bin farting around on his dumpster bike catching some mini-air post trail building. This kid has more energy than a rabbit on hump-day; plays hard, works hard.
I'm psyched to be back riding, albeit the knee is hurting just enough to remind me not to crash. My fitness is crap but as always, still having fun. Hope to see all of you jerks Saturday night for the festivities that await. Cheers.

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