Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucky Strike...

Today was my last visit to Physical Therapy for a knee injury. I'm still hurting quite a bit but have regained almost a full range of motion. I'm ready to get back at it 100%, but with this whole knee issue weighing in heavy on my mind ( remember Leadville ). I'm just a bit uneasy going into the 2012 race season thinking I can hammer..
Also weighing heavy is my whole bike debacle. The Reba XX fork on my Niner Air 9 Carbon has not worked right since I bought it. [It] is THE reason for my injury, so the fork has to be repaired which takes time. I'm also not psyched on how the Air 9 fits me, and am currently in negotiations with the shop to get into a different size frame, which costs more time and money. In a nut shell I'm freaking out about a bike, period. I'm not interested in racing my fixed gear mountain bike (at least not for every race) and fixie's are not friendly on the knees anyway. I guess I could build my Kona Unit back up from last season, but I'd like to have a new bike; an actual legitimate brand spanking new rig - my dream machine.
Moving onward... I did get out for a great two hour ride yesterday at SMP on the fixie. SMP is flippin' hard to ride fixed, there are rocks at every turn. I'd be willing to bet, that within the last year, I've touch peddle to stone at least *3,464 strikes. My old Crank Brothers Candy's are the proof, yet they take a licking and keep on ticking.
As per the norm, I usually check out the trail building progress at he park. Things are looking great at SMP. The Red trail is becoming one of the more challenging around. The newer sections, not yet open, are these great flowing bench cut sections of single track bliss. NOT the typical SMP feel at all. This stuffs gonna work you. I rode all of everything and had a great time. Felt good at times and weak at others. If you think you can or if you think you can't; you're right. I know I can  and am en route to overcoming this knee mind-f%&k. See you on the trails!

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