Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Up All Nitro...

A good night always seems to end with good friends and good beer. The Up All Nitro Porter at 75th Street Brewery hit the spot after 2 hours of riding sweet single track in prime winter conditions at Swope. The P-ride was, in a sense, resurrected at a new local and with the few who were animal enough to rally.
Pyro, The Manimal, sCotter and yours truly mashed an out-n-back style assault on all that is bad-ass at Swope. I of course was sucking wind, which is far better than sucking ass; either way it was a hard ride but I'm trying to make a come back after the Thanksgiving debauchery. That meal sent me into a black hole of fatty, good for nothing food addiction; do I really need peppermint Oreos?
It's good to be riding again and get a little prodding from some fellas who don't enjoy lolly-gagging. Screw this freezing-ass cold weather...lets ride!


JDOUG said...

Looks fun dudes!

jesse said...

It was fun! wish you were closer so you could join us.