Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Burnsey's P.O.V...

I'm not sure why Santa did not bring me a $2,600 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame for Xmas. Seems like the logical thing to do to me. Rather, I was surprised with this little piece of gadgetry, the Countour Roam HD Helmet/POV Video Camera. I guess you're going to see more than just lame photos of my Pirate Adventures from here on out. I feel a winter night ride looming in the very near future. I wonder how well these suckers record in low light. My homework for this week is to find [that] out and report back here asap. Until then, I hope you can find some frozen trail to ride...the warm temps here in Misery are not allowing for much in the way of dry trail. What happened to all the snow this Winter?

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