Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning = Dirt Church...

Sunday Morning; a great time to ride trail. There are very few folks out early, and if they are out, they’re being sheep – not riding trail. Being outside is a spiritual thing for me, like church for some or biting the heads off bats for others. Dirt Church is just a term we’ve coined for getting outside, away from the feel of city life and into the woods; far away from work and the daily grind that we create for ourselves.

FM and I rolled out for a solid lap at Swope in yet another bit of perfect weather. FM is psyched to finally have some good tires allowing focus on riding instead of how fast he can change 4 flats in an hour. I’m getting the 29er dialed-in and comfortable. Aside from the jerk on a snow bike that thought we ‘the guys climbing the steep rock garden’, should yield to him as he coasted downhill, things were great. Heck, FM even cleared a few obstacles that he normally has to dab – always a bonus!. Just a good overall non-race crazed ride. I like that, chillaxin’ in the saddle.

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