Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Hoops...

cHub removal from my ragged-out DT Swiss 26er's

Oldie but goodie Chubs & New Stans ZTR Arch 29er hoops

Laced-up with DT Swiss Double Butted Competition spokes w/ brass nipples

The Manimal is working overtime finishing off the new build for me, working his magic into the wee hours of night so that I can have these suckers up and mounted for SSUSA this weekend in Boulder. We're driving out in the new Greasecar and meeting our bro Cameron for some Single Speed Mayhem of sorts. We'll be summiting rocks and riding bikes, sweet. I'm sure you'll want to check back to read all about the adventure, it will be delightfully epic. I'll post up some photos from the road and the story will follow. Cheers!

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