Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thirty in fifteen...

I stopped by the Trek Store on my way home from work last night. I just like to tool around like a kid in a toy store and check out the goods. I've talked a bit with a few of the fellas that work at the shop; Joel, Marco and Sean. They seemed like stand-up guys but I had never had a chance to ride with them (well, I have done a few rides with Joel...but that's a whole different story...).

After chatting it up with these guys for a few minutes, I was invited on a ride out at one of my favorite local trails, BURP. Marco said they'd be there after work, and would ride a hand full of the good stuff and to come on out and join them at around 7:45.

I know how my nights go, and tonight was no different; get home, help with dinner, feed the boys, baths, get them to bed and then take a deep breathe. I look at my watch and it's already 6:35 and I am not even home yet! Yikes! If I want to make this ride, I need to get home, do all my chores and get loaded and packed-up faster than is really possible.

7:35 and I'm out the door. I call Marco and say "Hey, I'm ten minutes out, can you wait for me?". Marco says sure, they are not there yet either. I drive ludicrous speed and make the thirty minute drive in fifteen. Sweet!

We end up riding in a group of five guys, all on single speeds sans Sean, who is riding some fully loaded squishy bike. We hit Wagon going counter-clockwise, then over to the east side, across basement, over to little Moab, back up to middle and then a return trip to the cars.

The ride was great! I only crashed once, leaving my bike about 15 feet behind me and off the trail as I did the classic running man to keep from skidding across the rocks. Sean took a good dive at one of the creek crossings. For the most part we were a solid crew getting it done in fun fashion. The weather was perfect, Trails were dusty and the air crisp.

I love fall rides at night, especially last minute, late notice rides with new friends. Thanks fellas for the invitation and for a fun ride! Hope to do it again soon!

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